, celebrity gossip and mass communication extraordinaire

Kim Kardashian is married again? Miley Cyrus did what?

Whenever a big splash of scandalous celebrity news hits the internet and TV, there is always the speculation that the piece of information may not be true. With so many stories circulating in magazines and on websites on a day-to-day basis, it’s hard to sort through it all to keep up with what’s real and what’s fabricated. Who can you turn to for the real scoop?



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TMZ is a Hollywood gossip and news website that was launched in 2005. The organization centers around the Thirty-Mile-Zone, which reaches from W. Beverly Boulevard to N. La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, the prime place for celebrity activity.  Featuring a tip line on the website, in which viewers can call in, offers a plethora of information when it comes to anything Hollywood related, but not limited to occurrences inside the thirty-mile-zone of its namesake. In fact, often reports on political scandals, controversy in the news, and uncovers documents, tape recordings, and video.

Run by the managing editor and face of the company, Harvey Levin, TMZ also has a staff of reporters and cameramen who take first hand accounts of celebrity news as it happens. Levin, once a lawyer then journalist, has become a specialist in the Los Angeles gossip world and is heavily responsible for acquiring the various exclusive details that make TMZ so successful in comparison to other media outlets.


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Though there are plenty of celebrity gossip sites out there, TMZ is known specifically for its accuracy and reliability when it comes to publishing news stories. That’s what makes TMZ unique in comparison to online magazines or blogs – TMZ does not report something unless it is true. TMZ has highly influenced the mass media world for its many contributions through its website, twitter account, Facebook, Instagram, app for iPhone, and now, TV show, TMZ Live, which is an hour long live-chat updating viewers on the latest breaking celebrity news. TMZ’s involvement in many different mediums have made it a great source to use on the go so that you are never without your celebrity gossip.

The TMZ brand has influenced all throughout the media world. Known for often being the first to report on a big celebrity news story, the website has become the place to search when a viewer wants to set the facts straight. Not only viewers like you and I can benefit from TMZ’s reports, however. Often, TMZ publishes a story that soon gets picked up by other news sources who dig deeper, and pass the information along further. It’s not surprising to find that nearly every breaking news celebrity story on any Hollywood gossip site credits to sharing the information first.

Most famously, it was TMZ who announced the death of Michael Jackson, which then spread throughout the media, both TV and internet, like a wildfire. Similarly, TMZ was responsible for outing the police photo of Rihanna after she had been assulted by Chris Brown. Once the photograph and accompanying story had been posted, the information was out there for others to re-post, comment about, and share.

TMZ contributed largely to the field of mass communication by utilizing many mediums through which they spread the type of information that society values. Although some might say is a violation of privacy for those featured on the site, there is no doubt that without it, the way we get our information wouldn’t be the same.


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