Got Milk? vs. Milk Life

We are all familiar with the tagline “Got Milk?” It’s become a phrase that everyone recognizes from the many printed ad campaigns and TV commercials featuring celebrities wearing the famous milk mustache. The idea was to convey that everybody drinks milk, even Misha Barton who played the beloved character Marissa Cooper on TV show The OC. . . For the past 20 years, this campaign has been constant, however, it is time for a change.



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The company Lowe Campbell Ewald is in charge of the milk ads, and has decided that “got milk” is no longer cutting it. Though the catchy campaign promotes cool famous people drinking milk, consumers weren’t ever really motivated enough to buy it.

“Milk Life” is the new tagline which is replacing “Got Milk?” The hope for this phrase is that it promotes the health benefits and daily achievements of normal, everyday people that milk can provide, rather than using celebrities to lure consumers in. The printed ad depicts a little girl with wings made of milk, making her appear to be strong and brave. Even the wording is promoting the importance of protein that is found in milk.


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Mass communication through ad campaigns really gives us an insight to what society wants and values at the time. It is interesting that the “Got Milk?” campaign was such a success for so long but all of a sudden needs to be replaced. What changed? Having to create new ways to connect to people through ads shows us that perhaps society is valuing celebrity opinion less than before. Maybe there is a shift toward a more positive and healthy lifestyle. Lately, juicing, cleansing, and “eating clean” have all been trends, and this new “Milk Life” ad fits right in. I think it was a huge risk to replace “Got Milk” since it has almost become its own brand. But because people and society are changing everyday, I can understand the need to update forms of communication that no longer appeal to consumers.

Let’s just hope “Milk Life” sticks the way “Got Milk” did for all those years.

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